1. Meet Our Sponsor! Kreinik Threads!

    Meet Our Sponsor! Kreinik Threads!

    Kreinik Calling! Exclusive to Mr X Stitch!

    We love the companies that sponsor Mr X Stitch and we thought we’d take a moment to share some love about them!

    Kreinik Threads have been making beautiful threads for years and each month, Dena Lenham’s Kreinik Calling column provides inspirational ideas on how to create great effects with their products. If you don’t know about Kreinik, this introductory post will reveal all!

    Kreinik Threads

    You can tell that…

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  2. Stitchgasm! - Happy Rain by Yuko Uemura!

    Stitchgasm! – Happy Rain by Yuko Uemura!

    Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!
    Yuko Uemura has serious patience! She created this rain drop embroidery, made up entirely of French knots for her niece.  Each raindrop took between 1-2 hours each!

    Happy Rain by Yuko Uemura

    I really love her use of colour and shape, as well as all that lush texture!

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  3. Bring on the light

    Bring on the light

    Kreinik Calling! Exclusive to Mr X Stitch!
    As a stitcher and embroider, you use threads as a tool for bringing a design to life. They’re not just for adding color, however. Depending on the kind of thread, they can add a different texture or a special effect, which makes the end design all that much more interesting. Look around you right now: are your surroundings flat, all one texture, totally matte, all one type of surface? No, the…

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  4. Phat Quarter Finds - 13th April 2014

    Phat Quarter Finds – 13th April 2014

    Mr X Stitch presents Phat Quarter Finds

    The Phat Quarter is our Flickr group where you can share pictures of your best stitcheries!

    It’s also the place where we host our legendary swaps to coincide with our Fifth Friday Festivals of Fabulousness!

    Here’s the latest 20 pictures that have been added. Why don’t you come and join us?


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  5. NSFW Saturday - MeaganIleana Part One

    NSFW Saturday – MeaganIleana Part One

    Mr X Stitch presents NSFW Saturday - the naughtiest needlework on the planet!

    Hi everybody! It’s Saturday, and you know what that means – so if you’re ready, enjoy the innocence of Cate Anevski’s  Acorn Cap before moving on!




    Acorn Cap by Cate Anevski


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  6. Sprite Stitch Best Bits - March ‘14

    Sprite Stitch Best Bits – March ’14

    Sprite Stitch Best Bits

    To start this months round up off we have this awesome X-Men: Days of Future Past stitch by natepopinski (super psyched about this coming out)Days of Future Past by natepopinski

    Next up we have pikachu by funkymonkey using newly learnt skills from the Encyclopedia of Needleworkpikachu by funkymonkey

    Blink190 is back with a full Super Mario Bros 3 map (including dungeon map on the link)super mario bros 3 map by blink190

    Finally we have a charty square by BigDaddyWizfrom The Legendary…

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  7. Showtime Snippets - 10th April 2014

    Showtime Snippets – 10th April 2014

    Mr X Stitch brings Showtime Snippets

    Showtime Snippets sweeps together all kinds of titbits from the interwebs into this handy digest for you. If you’re a stitch/textile artist, hopefully these snippets will help you find shows and exhibit!


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  8. The Cutting & (Stitching Edge) - Dorcas Casey

    The Cutting & (Stitching Edge) – Dorcas Casey

    The Cutting & Stitching Edge | Contemporary Embroidered Art from Mr X Stitch

    Dorcas Casey is a textile artist based in Bristol, UK.

    Dorcas Casey - Bull

    “The impulse to make sculptures based on recurring motifs of animals in my dreams is what fuels my practice.  These images come with an intrinsic sense of vitality and importance and demand to be made into something physical. Seeking to translate the mysterious power of these dreams into tangible objects, I create sculptures that appear…

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  9. Blast from the Past - Megan Chin’s Connected

    Blast from the Past – Megan Chin’s Connected

    It's Blast From The Past From Mr X StitchThis blast comes to us from  Megan, who back in 2010 was a Senior Painting Major at The Maryland Institute College of Art!

    This piece, entitled ‘Connected’ is beautifully done and is a great example of a triptych of hoopla’s done right!

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  10. Stitchgasm! - Rita Hayworth by Jean-Pierre Séguin!

    Stitchgasm! – Rita Hayworth by Jean-Pierre Séguin!

    Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!
    Jean-Pierre Séguin
     was the professor in the department of arts and letters at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi and works in a wide variety of medium including paint, sculpture and embroidery!  This embroidered portrait of Rita Hayworth is just one example of a series of portraits created in this style.

    Rita Hayworth by JEAN-PIERRE SÉGUIN
    Not only is the front an energetic build up of chaotic but precise stitches, the back is…

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  11. Connect with Mr X Stitch!

    Connect with Mr X Stitch!

    If you like needlecraft you should Heart Mr X Stitch!

    In the exciting world of the interwebs, sometimes it’s tricky to discover amazing embroidery and needlecraft – that’s where Mr X Stitch comes in! Every day we bring you inspirational work made with needle and thread, and we’re proud to keep serving you!

    There are lots of ways that you can connect with your favourite contemporary embroidery website! Check them out!

    First and foremost is the Mr X…

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  12. Pinning the Past : Smocking

    Pinning the Past : Smocking

    Smocking by Ruth Singer

    Smocking by Ruth Singer

    Smocking, like so many textile techniques, has a rather secretive history. From what I can find out, the technique of smocking is often confused with the garment called a smock. For centuries, women’s main undergarment was a nightdress-like linen smock, which could be decorated, were she wealthy enough, but often was not, and there’s not much evidence of this garment…

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  13. Phat Quarter Finds - 6th April 2014

    Phat Quarter Finds – 6th April 2014

    Mr X Stitch presents Phat Quarter Finds

    The Phat Quarter is our Flickr group where you can share pictures of your best stitcheries!

    It’s also the place where we host our legendary swaps to coincide with our Fifth Friday Festivals of Fabulousness!

    Here’s the latest 20 pictures that have been added. Why don’t you come and join us?


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  14. Stitchgasm - Scavenger Annie’s Roller Derby Patch

    Stitchgasm – Scavenger Annie’s Roller Derby Patch

    It's another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch - the home of contemporary embroidery

    Long term readers may be aware that I’m a fan of roller derby, so much so that I founded Europe’s best roller derby news website!

    Therefore Scavenger Annie’s roller derby patch is an instant stitchgasm!

    Scavenger Annie's Roller Derby Patch

    She has a ton of great machine embroidered patches on her etsy store – Death Before Decaf is another favourite! Go spend money with her!


    Weave - A Social Network for Stitchers

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  15. Plush Delights - The Making of a Plush Prototype

    Plush Delights – The Making of a Plush Prototype

    It's Plush Delights brought to you by Scrumptious Delights!


    Hi all, for this month’s post I am excited to share what I have been working on recently.

    I have been making plush prototypes for a new line of collectable plush, made by Funko. Toy lovers amongst you will surely be familiar with Funko’s “pop” vinyl toys and their bobble heads of licensed characters. The new line of plush are named “Fabrikations” and are unlike anything else out there.

    Boba Fett prototype by Scrumptious Delight

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